Top 9 ‘Low Maintenance’ Dog Breeds
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Having a pet dog in your family is nothing in need of a blessing because it brings liveliness to the house Dog breeds

At an equivalent time, things can become quite tricky if you’re having a breed which needs a substantial amount of maintenance.

You don’t want to spend all of your leisure cleaning up the dog’s hair all-around your house or in grooming them on a day to day .

In this blog, you’ll see what exactly defines a ‘Low Maintenance’ in dogs and you’ll also get to understand some top easy to take care of dog breeds that might suit best for first-time owners also as people that are working full time.

What Does ‘Low Maintenance’ In Dogs Actually Mean?
Those dog breeds who don’t demand much effort of their owners in their grooming, cleaning and training aspects are available the bracket of Low Maintenance Dogs. Yet there’s a good range of parameters that make a dog absolutely easy to take care of . allow us to check out some significant points which contribute to the ‘Low Maintainability Factor’:

1) Low Shedding

Dogs having a minimal amount of hair fall save tons of your time of their owners. Low shedders also are a boon to people having allergies.

2) Easy Trainability

Dogs having a high trainability show less aggressive behavior and performance well within the family. It becomes much easier to create a robust bond with them.
3) Less Exercise Requirements

Dog breeds requiring a minimal amount of exercise are appropriate for senior people. These dogs are comfortable lying around a corner of the house.

4) Great with Kids

Those dog breeds which gel well with children work best with first-time owners and may be a huge factor when it involves low maintainability,

5) are often Left Alone

Dogs left alone for a substantial period of your time are apt for full-time working people. they’re also referred to as ‘Home Alone’ dogs that tend to enjoy their own company.

There are certain breeds within the dog’s kingdom due to their ‘low maintainability’ are known to be excellent apartment dogs and also an excellent friend of the people owning a dog for the very first time.

Which of the Dog Breeds are of ‘Low Maintenance’?
We shall now check out the highest 10 such dog breeds that rank higher within the chart of Low Maintenance.

1) Beagle

A big-time favorite among dog owners, Beagles are gentle, loving and a happy-go-lucky dog breed.

A well-known fact about Beagles is that they’re not choosy about their food. they’re fully content with whatever they’re being fed.

They don’t need brushing quite once every week thanks to their thin coat. a touch daily enter the neighborhood is enough to stay them fit and fine.

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2) Chihuahua

The miniature size and a minimal grooming need of a Chihuahua make it one among the simplest apartment dogs one can have.

The breed doesn’t need much exercise and would be proud of 15-20 minutes of daily walking.

As they typically weigh between 1 to three Kg, they’re hot favorites among travelers since they will easily be carried alongside.

3) Pug

Pugs are great family dogs since they get along well with children.

They are also low shedders which make the grooming a cakewalk. Moving from one sofa to a different is their daily dose of exercise, though a daily walking of quarter-hour is fairly suggested.

They are quick learners that might assist you to form him a well-behaved dog.

4) Labrador retriever

Considered a worldwide favorite, Labradors Retrievers are cute, friendly, intelligent and constant .

They are also one among the simplest breeds to coach , because of their quick learning skills. Labradors don’t need much grooming due to their short coat.

Weekly brushing with a fine brush is enough to stay their skin and coat healthy.

They are a reasonably healthy breed which causes you to less bothered about the veterinary visit.

5) Boxer

A fun-loving dog breed, Boxer features a great affection for youngsters making them good family pets.

They respond well to obedience training and are known for being highly patient.

Brushing them on a weekly basis keeps the shedding to a minimum. Playing games like Fetch is enough to burn their extra calories.

6) Dachshund

Dachshunds are curious dog breed who are known for his or her elation . they’re easy to take care of for several reasons.

Firstly, they’re moderate eaters and won’t trouble you much with their appetite.

Secondly, they’re proud of the exercise they get inside the house on account of their small size.

Thirdly, Dachshunds are one among the simplest breeds to house-train.

Dachshunds are an entertaining breed and their funny and comical nature keeps their owners in splits.

7) Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus have a loyal temperament and are happy living in an apartment.

They socialize well with people and other pets and are a highly adaptable dog breed.

A daily walking of 5 to 10 minutes keeps them in good physical shape.

Unlike other toy breeds, Shih Tzus aren’t noisy and would only bark if necessary.

8) Grey Hound

This might come as a surprise to several , as Grey Hounds are considered because the fastest runners within the Dogs Kingdom.

However, these breeds, actually , are couch potatoes that hate to exercise. they’re quite happy to twist up with their owners on the sofa.

Their short coat makes them low shedders and an occasional brushing is enough to stay their skin healthy.

9) Russell Terrier
Russell Terriers are fast learners who adapt themselves well to alittle family.

Minimal bathing and brushing needs including routine vet checkup make Russell Terriers a reasonably easy breed to take care of .

The term ‘Low Maintenance’ here in any way doesn’t mean that you simply can neglect your dog altogether.

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