Protect Your Pet Against Fleas
Protect Your Pet Against Fleas

Fleas are small dark brown wingless insects. A flea has strong back legs which enable it to leap from host to host or from the environment to host. protect the pet from fleas.

belongings you got to realize Fleas

1) There are over 2,500 differing types of fleas within the world. the foremost common is that the cat flea , or Ctenocephalides felis . These cat fleas are known to also bite dogs and humans too.

2) Fleas multiply quickly and spread at an alarming rate. it’s crucial to handle flea problems as soon as you notice it.
How to spot fleas on your pet?
a) Use a FLEA COMB rather than a frequently brush.
b) If your pet is SCRATCHING tons it’d be a symbol he/she has fleas.
c) If you’ll spot FLEA DIRT on your pet’s skin and coat . Flea dirt seems like black pepper or small dark specks of dirt.

3) A flea bite may be a discomfort for your pet. It can cause several health issues like
a) Allergies: Your (dog protection) pet can develop a skin allergy from a flea bite.
b) Tapeworms: There’s an opportunity your dog can accidentally swallow a flea. a method is when your pet licks or chews at a flea bite area. It’s dangerous if that flea may be a host to a tapeworm egg because it will grow in your pet’s intestines. for correct tapeworm treatment and drugs , see your veterinarian immediately.
c) Anemia: Your pet could become anemic thanks to fleas feeding off his/her blood supply.

Protect Your PET Against FLEAS

2 Ways to stop Fleas

1) As a Pet Parent, be Proactive and Educate yourself about fleas. it’s important that you simply skills to detect fleas and understand a Flea Life Cycle. Don’t wait until you see an adult flea, stage four of Flea Life Cycle, wherein a flea finds a number and begins its feeding process.(protect the dog from fleas).

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