Have you ever walked into a pet store and felt confused about which brand of Dog foods to get for your dog?

Well, we’ve decided to make things easier for you pet parents by giving you a review of a few popular pet food brands out there.
Let’s jump right into it:

Pedigree Dog Foods

Composed of a mix of various animal and corn-based ingredients, Pedigree comes in various flavours such as chicken, milk, rice and many others.

The main ingredient is poultry by-products which can contain anything from beaks, eggs, feet or meat from the bird’s legs or wings.
While the poultry ingredients are a rich source of nutrients, the corn base ingredients have a much lower nutrition value.

Our final verdict on Pedigree would be that while many dogs have spent their lives consuming it

there are many other brands which can be more beneficial for your pet.


Drools is a brand which has been is recognized as highly beneficial for Labradors. The recently introduced Drools Focus Super-premium Dog Foods has been evaluated as a high quality pet food.

Containing a variety of ingredients such as whole rice, chicken, carrot pulp, dehydrated eggs etc .

it is considered as a more well balanced alternative to Pedigree.
Our verdict on this brand of dog food is that it has a fair amount of nutritional value. The ‘Focus’ variant of Drools dog food in particular is worth considering.

Royal Canin

One of the more premium brands in the market, Royal Canin is often recommended by vets for its high quality when compared to most other Indian brands.

It contains chicken meal, corn, chicken fat, brown rice, natural flavors, wheat gluten and various other ingredients which meet the nutritional requirements of pets.

The ingredients added have to meet a certain standard of quality.

which is why Royal Canin holds such a premium position in the market.
We recommend this brand of pet food due to its quality and high nutritional value.


Viewed as a rich source of protein, calcium and phosphorus, Eukanuba is a relatively new brand in the Indian market.

It is a meat-based food which is comprised of ingredients ,

like chicken meal, brown rice, brewer’s rice, corn, chicken fat etc.
It is a highly palatable option due to its fresh meat base and is recommended for large breeds.

It’s only shortcoming lies in the fact that the fresh meat used in it reduces to a quarter of its original amount during preparation

which in turn makes the rice, corn and by-product a major protein source.

This can lead to digestion problems in dogs.
Our verdict on Eukanuba is that while it is relatively inexpensive and is a good source of nutrients

it neither stands out nor falls short when compared to the other players in the market.


A high-quality pet food that contains a variety of ingredients such as chicken meal, brewer’s rice, corn, brown rice, chicken fat, wheat gluten and various other meats, Orijen is a rich source of protein.

t is another high-quality brand which assures good quality ingredients. It is often recommended for larger dog breeds because of its high protein content.
Our verdict on this brand is that while it is expensive

it is one of the better brands available in the market and is definitely worth buying larger breeds.
In conclusion, we would like to advise you to consult with a vet to get the best opinion on the right brand of food as per your dog’s requirements. You can also browse through our range of pet food and treats at our store.

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