How to train a dog for toilet
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We know you love your sweet dog. But sometimes it is irritating when your dog urinates or excrete inside home. It looks normal when its puppy but it really becomes weird when it grows bigger. So the blog is all about the training of dog to treat them to excrete outside the house or at a fix place inside home.

No such specific training is required for such situations, instead will just change the habit of excreting inside. The foremost thing is to observe your dog for few days. You just need to observe the schedule of doing toilet.

They have their fix schedule depending on their habitat. If you caught the schedule of excretion, you need to take your pet to that place at a particular time where you wish to let it relax. This may be inefficient for 2 to 3 days because dog needs time to understand your command. But once it understood, it will not disappoint you after next meal. Adding to your command, reward your dog with some biscuits and other eatable if it does toilet at the place, you are preferring to.

Dog prefer excretion over soft surface such as carpets, pillow, blankets and mattress , so, once avoid keeping carpets inside cage. Instead put a shit stand made of plastic inside cage and most probably dog will excrete on that container . If this doesn’t happen, force dog to do the same at that container. The container is very easy to clean, you just need to wash it out without actually touching those shit. Once it begin to follow proper instructions, you may put carpets or other material inside cage.
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Training dog for toilet might be the most frustrating training, it become even more irritating when you are at the peak of doing efforts to train your dog but still not going well. In such situation do not punish your dog for such activity, because philosophy says that if you prevents someone from doing their favorite task, it will not obey your instruction , instead it will continue the work without your knowledge or when you are not nearby. So punishing dogs for doing toilet at a wrong place will effect you even more because it will continue to urinate at a same place when you are not nearby.
If following all above do not shows any result, this point might definitely help you. -don’t stop following above activities too soon, patience is foremost required in yourself before training others. It may even take weeks , months or even more but your consistent behavior will result in perfect training and makes your dog the obedient one.

How much time did your dog took to get this habit ? Also share your experience in concept of above info. Funny conversations are even encouraged in below section.

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