Care options for your puppy

Care options for your puppy care options for your puppy

Dogs are very social and love spending time with you, whether they’re playing a game with you or simply curling up next to you on the couch. So when it comes time for you to travel to figure or leave the house for long periods of your time , it can make your dog lonely or anxious. Try to not cure your dog’s anxiety problem by giving him even more attention—you’ll only create a vicious circle of neediness. Likewise, never get angry when your dog acts clingy as you prepare to go away .

Stay-at-home puppy

Your puppy are going to be healthy and happy spending the day alone as long as he’s exercised within the morning and evening.
Give him toys to play with while you’re away, access to water , and puppy-proof your home.

Try to keep him in an indoor area, when you’re out. Dogs are den animals, in order that they feel safer in their own small space like an outsized crate. this may protect both your puppy and your belongings.
Before you allow , bury toys and conceal treats where he can find and “dig” them up. Keeping a TV or radio on also can provide “company” for your pooch.

Day care

Helps with socialisation and provides an environment which provides them the chance to exercise while you’re away.

Dog walkers

Arrange for knowledgeable dog walker to return to your home when you’re out. this might happen once or twice each day , and should involve other dogs.

Pet sitters

Arrange for a sitter to drop into your home once or twice each day to feed and play together with your pet. This person are often a lover or neighbour. make certain expectations are spelled out and emergency contact information is exchanged.

What to stay in mind

Ask for references for dog walkers or day care.
Protect your puppy. Have up-to-date ID tags and/or a microchip.
Leave your contact information together with your puppy’s caregiver for emergencies.
When selecting each day care or dog walker confirm they require proof of immunization, screen dogs permanently temperament, and put only compatible dogs together.

Ensure that your puppy are going to be walked during the day at day care. Ensure facility enclosures and play areas are secure so your puppy can’t escape or be stolen.
If your puppy are going to be staying reception he should be walked just before you allow for the day and as soon as you get home.

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