Brand Feature: Gooby Pet Fashions

Brand Feature: Gooby Pet Fashions

Summer is finally here and it’s time for tropical showers and play-dates at the beach together with your favorite furry friends. Whether your pup may be a pristine princess Papillion or a rough-and-tumble Rottweiler, Gooby Pet Fashions makes products to stay your pet snug and cozy while rocking great style.

Each Gooby clothing article comes in many sizes starting from extra small to 3XL, allowing you to urge awesome outfits for everybody within the family! Worried about finding the proper size? Once you’ve measured your dog, you’ll be ready to use Gooby’s individualized sizing guides for every product.

Check out a couple of of those fun and trendy styles to urge excited about this June:

Harness the Sun

You want your dog to possess the utmost amount of out of doors time, especially on beautiful sunny days. Unfortunately, walks can get frustrating quickly if the one that you love Muttsy is consistently wriggling out of his harness or collar!

Gooby has the answer for you within the Escape Free Sport Dog Harness . These little numbers are an excellent option for your escape artist pets as they’re both escape and choke-free. No more worrying about chasing your dog all round the apartment complex or in dangerous on-coming traffic.

Furthermore, you won’t have the potential or accidentally hurting your fuzzy baby with the normal escape-proof choke chain. Each harness has 4 points of adjustment to permit for all shapes and sizes. They also are available a spread of fun and sporty colors including blue, lime green and red. they’re mechanically cleanable for simple cleaning.

If your dog may be a little more trustworthy on his harness, you would possibly be trying to find the additional style which will be provided by the Comfort X Step-In Dog Harness . This harness remains choke-free but provides a simple step-in design and a handsome x-shape across the front of your dog’s chest. counting on your dog’s coat coloring, you’ll grab this harness in blue, red or pink.

Camouflage and Livin’ Large

Perfect for a sunny day at the park or a enter light rain, you’ll make certain to urge many compliments with the Bomber Camo Dog Vest . This vest features a green camo print with sewn-on patches for extra flare. the fabric covering your pups back is water-resistant to stay the rain cornered . the fabric round the neck, legs and belly may be a breathable knit for comfort and maximum flexibility. The vest zips up along the rear , featuring a protective flap to assist with water resistance and makes sure no fur gets zipped up.

Singing within the Rain

Forget singing, your pup are going to be howling within the rain with a Goody Adjustable Dog Raincoat .

These raincoats are available a spread of fun summer colors including blue, yellow, pink and red in order that your furry friend are often seen within the color that’s most becoming of her.

These coats are hooded featuring a transparent brim that keeps the water out of your dog’s eyes while still allowing her to ascertain in every direction. Pet Fashions

to assist against gusts of wind, the coat is provided elastic leg-straps and a fast touch fastener which will secure around your pup’s tummy.

For the convenience of leash use, these jackets accompany the choice to attack your leash on to the rear of the coat, or use a harness underneath the coat.

to be used with a harness, slip the leash through the opening and pulling the drawstring shut to stay moisture out.

The Chihuahua Cha-Cha

Gooby knows its summertime, but Gooby also knows that regardless of the weather outside, small dogs might still be shivering. If you’ve got a small Chihuahua or teacup Dachshund that shivers year-round, you would like to undertake out a Fleece Dog Vest !

These vests are available in lime green, turquoise, pumpkin, mustard and gray . they will be worn on walks in situ of a harness or simply hanging round the house. Either way, your tiny pup are going to be swathed in cozy comfort.

Leash up Your Life

Depending on where your summer takes you, you’ll have a mess of various leash needs. Luckily, there are many options for you with Gooby.

For a extended leash that permits for more comfort against your hand, you’ll be trying to find a Pioneer Dog Leash . These leashes are 6-feet long, allowing your dog to urge a touch more distance. they are available during a sort of colors in order that you’ll provide your dog with beautifully matching attire.

To get a touch more control, take a glance at the Escape Free Sport Dog Leash . These leashes are available in lime green, blue, turquoise, red and pink in order that you’ll find the proper match for any pup personality. Especially convenient for happening hikes, the game dog leash also provides a padded handle and a D-ring for attaching extra accessories Pet Fashions.

In a more relaxing setting, you would possibly want to bring your Gooby Mesh Fabric Dog Leash . an easier design, the black mesh leash with match with any collar or harness your dog could be sporting. to feature to the relaxed feel of the leash, the mesh allows your hand breathability that other leashes just can’t deliver when holding it for long periods of your time .

Why the delay? Summer won’t be around for long, and you don’t want to attend until it’s gone! With fashionable styles for dogs of each shape and size, grab your Gooby gear today.

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