A Place you dream of

 Douge Couture is a place where you come with your beloved dog and return feeling proud and blissful. This is so because we understand your true love for your puppy   and  also we understand your high fashion and your choice. We offer you a wide range of options of apparel for you puppies in order to make them look like a true   member of your family. We make your four-legged family members look more pampered, beloved and cared.

 Legal Name – DC Creations

 Our History

 An year ago, Douge couturewas started by two friends, Nidhi and Shashank .Driving force behind the start of this business was the love for pets and inspiration from their own dog for whom they never found good clothes or bedding in India, dressing up their pug, lab. This love for puppies/dogs has always been there in the family. Therefore,   affection and craze for sweet small dogs turned into earning source for India. Obviously there could be nothing better than occupation based on passion. We are truly   passionate about what we do , and you will see this reflected in the design and quality of our products. It’s been a real learning adventure: innovating pet-friendly fabrics   and stitching techniques, ensuring quality control, and finding the right vendors to create customized products for our beloved pets.

 Our Mission

 it is our mission to make your dog stylish, elegant and adorable as we want ourselves to be.

 Our Vision

 Love for dogs is in our blood. We view pets as member of any family thus we strive to fulfill their needs.

 Our Products

 Douge Couture  has full stock of attires for your puppies giving a versatility you would find nowhere else. In our racks and show cases you would find everything at display that you can dream of for your darling dog. Our trendy designer’s outfits and accessories for your dog will lionize and distinguish your pet among several   others.  We carry  regular garments, sweaters, coats, dresses, seasonal costumes, carry bags, car seats, beds, accessories, collars, harnesses, and all what you can imagine.

Have wide range of design, choose from including designer dog clothing, dog collars, dog carriers, dog grooming, designer dog bedding, dog treats, dog toys, dog health   and a huge selection of dog (and cat) clothing if you need it, we have it.

 We pride ourselves for having the best quality of customer satisfaction, and happy and wagging tails.For any query or information feel free to write us at                         Dougecoutureinfo@gmail.com