8 Budget-Friendly Dog Breeds In India

Looking for a dog to bring home? confirm you complete your research, narrow down your options then undergo this list.

All dogs are excellent and have their own speciality. But if you’ve got the choice to pick one of quite one available breeds, then you’ll wish to find a budget friendly dog breed. If you’re staying in India and searching for a dog breed then here may be a list of the foremost budget friendly dogs in India:


The Labrador retrievers are the foremost popular dog breed altogether over the planet and also in India.

Labradors are easy to coach , friendly and intelligent dogs. Also, they’re easily available in most of the Indian cities and wish average grooming and straightforward to coach .

Labrador dogs collaborate well with Indian climate that creates them highly admired and top desired dog breed in India.

friendly Dogs
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Origin UK
Height Male: 57–62 cm, Female: 55–60 cm
Weight Male: 29–36 kg, Female: 25–32 kg
Life Span 9 – 12 years
Grooming Need Average


Budget friendly Dogs
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Indian Pariah dogs are the one of healthiest dogs within the world and in India they’re available easily and freely. many NGO’s and city dog care centres offer them for free of charge adoption.

pariah also referred to as InDog and Desi, and are a natural Landrace and an example of survival of the fittest and best suited for Indian climate and make an honest pet. they’re also best-suited dogs for extreme Indian weather and generic uses.

Pariah dogs are most cost effective and suitable dogs for the Indian subcontinent.But you want to not be confused that each one the stray dogs aren’t the Pariah dogs.

Origin India
Height 10-14inches
Weight Average 8 to 14 kgs
Life Span 10 -14 years
Grooming Need Average


Budget friendly dog breeds
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The Dalmatian dogs were originated from Dalmatia (Roman province), by Dalmatae tribe. From where they got their name Dalmatian. Dalmatians are healthy and athletic dogs from working category and also make an honest watchdog.

Dalmatian dogs are a healthy dog, which is additionally suitable to survive in warm weather, but not recommended for extreme weather . Dalmatians are a sturdy and athletic dogs and wish regular exercise and early socialization and training.

Origin Dalmatia
Height Female: 46-64 cm, Male: 53 -66 cm
Weight Female: 16-24 kg, Male: 15-32 kg
Life Span Average 10-13 years
Grooming Need Low


 Doborman breeds in indis
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Doberman dogs are intelligent and courageous dogs from working category. they’re most admired for cover and their extraordinary insight .

Dobermans were originated by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann in Germany to figure for the private protection and nowadays.

they’re the foremost preferred dogs for military and police services altogether over the planet.

they’re fearless, sturdy dogs, but they have moderate exercise and daily long walk or running.

Doberman are easily available in most of the Indian cities, though they’re not well admired for extreme weather.

But their unmatched quality, reasonable price and average grooming needs make them a top demanded dog breed within the budget.

Origin Germany
Height Male 66-72cm, Female 61-68 cm
Weight Female 16-24 kg, Male 15-32 kg
Life Span Average 10 -13 years
Grooming Need Medium

Indian Spitz

best puppy In india
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Indian Spitzs are usually confused with Pomeranians, but both are the various breeds. The Pomeranians are smaller tall and have less weight and longer fur than Indian Spitzs.

The Indian Spitz’s are the similar presence to the German Spitz but they’re 1.5-2.5 inches shorter at the withers and have less weight. Dogs not recognized by any major Kennel Club, KCI (Kennel Club of India) identified them as a separate Indian Breed. they’re available in less budget, suitable for Indian weather and wish less grooming.

Origin India
Height 10-14inches
Weight Average 8 to 14 kgs
Life Span 10-12 years
Grooming Need Average


friendly dogs in india
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The dachshund (friendly dogs) may be a small active and energetic dog from earth dog category.

this breed was bred to hunt small prey like tunnelling animals, rabbits, and hairs, which are the one among the simplest earth dogs within the world.

If you’re trying to find alittle , intelligent, healthy and courageous dog then they’re the proper selection.

Dachshunds are available in most of the main Indian cities and good for apartment life and Indian climate, which are available in affordable price, in India. that creates them a most demanded dog breed in India.

Origin Germany
Height Average 5-9 Inches
Weight Approx 3-6 Kgs
Life Span 14 -17 years
Grooming Need Medium

German shepherd

friednly breeds  in india
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friendly dogs are a replacement dog breed originated since the year 1899 and today.

German shepherd foremost popular dogs within the world and top demanded dog in America. they’re basically from herding category and are a highly appreciated as working dogs. German shepherds are an alert, intelligent, loyal and courageous dog that make them a perfect dog. GSD is usually recommended for knowledgeable and firm owners because they need separation anxiety .

pack leader’s tendency that require attention and regular exercise.

Origin Germany
Height 18 -22 inches
Weight 22 -42 Kgs
Life Span 9 – 13 years
We wish you a really happy pet keeping and hope your doggie gives you all the happiness there’s . Any breed will make an honest dog.

Just confirm you’re financially able to mention a dog before getting one home. allow us to know which one you’ve got within the comments below!

Grooming Need Medium

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