5 Ways To Exercise Your Dog On a Rainy Day
3 Simple Dog Treat Recipes

Being stuck indoors can make exercising your dog a challenge. I’ve tried cuddling on the couch with Laika while watching the Golden Girls all day long, but she wasn’t having any of it. Like most dogs she needs daily exercise, and a cuddle marathon just doesn’t cut it.(dog excercise)

The good news is there are some activities and games that you simply can do to stay your dog physically active indoors. Here’s 10 ways to exercise your dog on a time period .

Find The Treats

A fun nose work game, like find the treats, may be a good way to stay your pet active indoors. Find the treats is straightforward to play; the sole thing you would like to urge started is your dog’s attention and a few yummy treats. i exploit chopped up carrots, but you’ll use any kind of treat you’ve got available .

The purpose of the sport is to possess your dog scent out treats you hide round the house. When you’re first starting out you’ll want to form it easy, until your dog gets the hang of it. Have your dog sit during a stay position and place some treats round the room where they will see them. After they’re spread around release your dog give them a cue to “find the treats.” Keep it fun and positive by praising them whenever they devour a replacement treat.

Once you’re pretty sure your dog features a good grasp of what “find the treats” means you’ll start hiding them in additional challenging spots. Have your dog sit during a stay position and begin hiding treats in areas that are out of sight. Repeat the “find the treats” cue and praise as you probably did previously. After some practice your pet will start to hone in on their natural sniffing abilities, and they’ll start counting on their nose instead of visual cues.

The best part about find the treats is how simple it’s you’ll play it anywhere as long as you’ve got some treats available . And although it seems pretty basic it’ll give your dog a pleasant mental workout and keep them active. Here’s an excellent article on the way to teach your dog the way to play find the treats.

Tug of War

Tug of war is one among Laika’s favorite games, and as far as indoor games goes it’s pretty physically demanding. Minute for minute tug is one among the foremost physically & mentally challenging games you’ll play together with your pet. and therefore the better part is you don’t need plenty of room to play, so it’s an excellent thanks to exercise your dog on rainy days.

The only thing you would like may be a tug toy and your dog’s attention. If you don’t have a tug toy you’ll make your own out of some old t-shirts, towels or fleece.

Tug may be a good way to exercise your pet as long as you teach your dog that “the game stops if your teeth touch my hand.” For younger and more rambunctious pups this step could be a touch challenging, but if you’re according to letting them know that any teeth touching your hand is unacceptable they’ll start to catch on. therein regard playing tug together with your dog may be a good way to show them some basic impulse control and manners.

And contrary to what some people say tug won’t make your dog aggressive, nor will letting them win make them more dominant. Letting your dog win just makes the sport more fun for your dog, and it’ll encourage them to play more. Studies have shown that dogs who play tug with their owners tend to be more obedient and exhibit higher confidence.

Kong Stuffing

When it involves entertaining my pet on rainy days stuffed Kongs are a life saver. They’re easy to organize , and a frozen one will keep my dog busy for 30+ minutes. I usually use some spread or low sodium broth mixed with veggies and let it freeze overnight. If you’re unsure what to use inspect our list of 39 healthy foods you’ll stuff during a Kong. A stuffed Kong is mentally stimulating, and it’s an easy thanks to keep your pet entertained indoors.

Using a stuffed Kong is additionally an excellent thanks to keep your dog busy while you’re at work. Put your stuffed Kong within the freezer overnight and provides it to your dog within the morning as you’re leaving. A frozen Kong will last 30+ minutes for many dogs — for much longer if your fill it completely.

I use the classic Kong because it’s nontoxic, indestructible, and dishwasher safe. But if you’re trying to find a Kong alternative that’s even as durable inspect the West Paw Toppl toy; they are available in large and little sizes, and they’re even as easy to wash as a Kong.

Chasing Bubbles

Chasing bubbles may be a fun thanks to keep your pet busy on rainy days. Laika loves chasing bubbles; it’s such an easy thanks to keep my dog happy, entertained & exercised. you’ll buy bubbles made for dogs, otherwise you can purchase any of the bottles at the shop since the bubbles those made for youngsters are nontoxic.

If your dog has no idea what bubbles are here’s a fast guide the way to teach your dog to chase bubbles. And seriously, a couple of 3-5 minute sessions of chasing bubbles can work wonders for your dog. It’s tons of fun, and it’s physically demanding.

Indoor Agility

A fun thanks to exercise your dog on rainy days is to practice some indoor agility. You don’t need any fancy equipment either; you’ll create your own indoor obstacle course with home items like brooms, towels and boxes. For those items you’ll have your dog skip broom sticks, “go to their towel,” and weave through boxes.

Use your imagination and are available up with a group of obstacles for your dog to follow. Once your dog has learned the way to skip the broom stick you’ll them move onto getting to their towel. Building on prior tricks like which will help keep your dog mentally stimulated, and it’s an excellent thanks to encourage focus. If you’re unsure where to start out here’s some ideas for creating your own indoor agility course.

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